Booking, Calendar and FAQs

Barrington Village Hall can be hired on an hourly basis and we offer a weekend inclusive rate for weddings or special events. You can find out how much the hall would cost from our hire charges below.

To claim the rate for residents, the hirer must be on the electoral register of the Parish of Barrington and must be hiring for their personal use and not on behalf of another.

Every hirer is required to complete, sign and return a Hirer Agreement and Terms & Conditions of Hire to the Booking Secretary. These forms will be sent to you by our Bookings Secretary on acceptance of your booking. 

Please contact the Booking Secretary Amanda Gould for more information
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Is there parking at Barrington Village Hall?
There are 14 car parking spaces plus one disabled parking space. Additional parking of up to 14 spaces is possible on the gravel car park to the left of the building. Parking is NOT allowed in front of the main doors nor in residents’ spaces.

How many people can be seated in the hall?
There are several scenarios for seating – please enquire via our booking secretary for seating plans.

Can we use our own caterers?
Yes, you can.

Can I have a bouncy castle at my child’s party?
Yes, subject to approval when you book and a copy of your insurance policy must be provided to the Bookings Secretary at least 7 days prior to your event AND displayed at the event.

At a wedding are we allowed to use confetti?
Yes, you are as long as it is cleared after the event

Can we have candles at a party?
No – the hall is fitted with highly sensitive smoke detectors. We cannot allow any naked flame. LED candles are permissible. The hall is a designated non-smoking zone.

Is there Wi-Fi connection at the hall?
Yes, Wi-Fi is available on request 

Can I sell alcohol ?
You will need to apply through SSDC for a TEN (Temporary Events License) and provide our booking secretary with a copy as well as displaying the notice in the bar area at your event.

Can the playing field be used by anyone?
The Playing field is a public area. However, for events on the field you will need to obtain permission of the village hall and the parish council.

How can I join the Committee?

Please contact our chair or in fact any other person on our contact list

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